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Sophia is a very curious person who loves to try everything particularly anything about technology such as electronics and computers. She spends most of her time doing Research and Development for both work and as pastime activity. She colloquially refer to herself as a Technomancer which is a wordplay between Technology and -mancer meaning a practitioner. (Note that this is not related to the game “The Technomancer” that was released on June 28, 2016, she has been using the word before the game was released.)

Sophia is best described by the following words:
Technomancer, Linkle, Chefköchin, Sith, Pastafarian, Gayelle, PC Master Race

Note that the official url of this information page is http://www.yaten.info, mirrors may exist for test purposes.


Due to security reasons, some information were intentionally left out. Only those information deemed safe for public use are available.

Following are Sophia's emblem, logo and seal.


(Click the image to enlarge.)

The personal emblem of Sophia is composed of the main symbol, the owl, which symbolize intelligence. The second symbol, the crescent moon, symbolizes light at night or guidance through the darkness. The owl is generated using ASCII characters which symbolizes technology. The symbol below the owl is a secret message leading to her date of birth. The 3 symbols are encapsulated in a sphere which symbolizes heavenly body and the wave beneath it is the gravitational wave caused by the sphere as a heavenly body. An inscription is written at the bottom part of the sphere is a secret message.


The personal logo of Sophia is the simplified version of the emblem mostly used on web site and applications with limited space which makes viewing the emblem less efficient.

印章 (inshō)

The official inshō of Arada used by Sophia in signing public and official documents. A portion was intentionally blurred out for security reasons.

The 判子 (hanko) used in creating the 印章 (inshō).


Programming Languages

(In alphabetical order)

- First language learned during early years.
- No longer used on work and personal projects.
- Experienced user
- Made 3D programs and a few mock-up games using this language.
- Mostly applied to customization of linux programs such as PABX and Web accelerator.
- Experienced user
- Worked with C# through Unity Engine.
HTML / CSS / Javascript
- Expert user
- A lot of projects was made with these.
- Experienced user
- Mostly used with Android SDK, created 4 android apps as of this writing.
- Second language learned during early years.
- Made Administration tools and encoding platform for a company (Portal Innovations Corporations) using this language
- No longer used on work and personal projects.
- Expert user
- Made a lot of programs for different companies
- Expert user
- Made a lot of programs for different companies
Operating System

(In alphabetical order)

Linux and derivatives
- Master user
- Configured a lot of servers for companies
- Setup a data center with all linux servers
- Expert user
- Made administrative tools and programs for windows
XT and AT compatible PC
- Expert user
- Configured a lot of servers for companies and personal use
- Can diagnose and troubleshoot
ATmega328, ATmega2560 and derivatives
- Expert user
- Made lot of personal projects using this microprocessor
- Experienced user
- Made a mock-up touchscreen kiosk but never made it to production
- Experienced user
- Made a kiosk but never made it to production
- Intermediate user
- Personal R&D but never made any real useful application.
- Experienced user
- Made a lot of experimental projects both for work and personal use but never made to production.

This is the list of software that Sophia is very experienced with and uses for her projects.

Oracle VM VirtualBox
- Master user
- Most used program on her pc. Used for both work and hobby.
Android Studio
- Expert user
- Used on both work and hobby, preferred program for developing Androiod Apps.
Presonus Studio One Professional
- Expert user
- Her go-to DAW whenever she makes music for her projects
HitFilm Professional
- Expert user
- Her go-to video editing software for her projects
- Made lot of projects using this software both professionally and as a hobby
Blender 2.8+
- Expert user
- Her new favourite after switching from 3DS Max
- Expert user
- Mostly used on her engineering projects and 3D Printed prototypes
- Intermediate user (Downgraded from Expert due to lack of practice)
- Her favourite architectural software before she switched to Blender.

(2021.06.28) The site is being updated and samples of her work will be made available soon.


These are the list of other technologies or methodologies that Sophia experienced that does not fit on any of the above categories.

Asterisk + Dahdi + OpenR2 and E1 MFCR2 protocol
- Experienced user
- Configured a linux based PABX for a company that uses Asterisk + Dahdi + OpenR2 for the software to operate E1 MFCR2 protocol connecting to Eastern Telecoms Philippines Inc. (ETPI)
Hawkeye Linux-based DVR card by Neugent
- Experienced user
- Configured a linux-based DVR for personal use.
- Also acted as adviser for hotel installation of the same setup.


  • 64x64


    VIOXYS is a platform that offers various services that are mostly used for corporate applications such as marketing and administrative applications.

    - Lead Developer / Co-owner
    Projects involved
    - Icons Guild Site
    - Sylpi's Blog
    - Yaten's Blog
    - Pet Care Directory
    - Yourcrops
    - Kowops
    - MyLife
    - Verdana
    - Ultravial
    - Pet It Furward
    - SuperDealer
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    Pet It Furward

    "Pet It Furward is a new crowdfunding platform designed and developed to help animals through animal welfare advocates to find financial assistance to bring animals and pets out of crisis. Operated by Pet It Furward Inc., a nonprofit organization."

    - Co-founder
    - Technical Head
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    Pet Care Directory

    is a list of clinics, salon and shops for pets in the Philippines, a collaborative work with Sylpi. The application can be access via web and android application downloaded via Google Play Store.

    - Project Adviser
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    Portal Innovations Corporations

    Portal Innovations Corporation is one of the companies that hired Sophia to create programs and system mostly for marketing. This is also the first company that started the first incarnation of the Universal Loading System or UPLoadS now spinned-off as a separate company called LoadXtreme Corporation.

    - System Architect and Developer
    Projects involved
    - R2BS - first binary network marketing program
    - R2B2 - An enhanced version of R2BS
    - D2D - Network marketing system for dealers
    - RAP - Network marketing system for retailers
    - UPLoadS - Universal Loading System, a loading platform for OTA, Cellphone, Internet loads and other products that can be sold through online and mobile device.
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    Vmobile Technologies Incorporated

    Sophia was involved in the rebranding and rehabilitation of the previous system of VMobile. She was also involved in new marketing programs like MyLife and the android application for LoadXtreme Universal Prepaid Loading.

    - System Architect and Developer
    Projects involved
    - MyLX - Marketing program to support LoadXtreme system
    - e-PLUS - Integration of API to LoadXtreme system.
    - MyLife - First project using the VIOXYS platform also developed by Sophia
    - LX App and LX App Lite - Android applications for LoadXtreme system
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    LoadXtreme Corporation

    Sophia's involvement on LoadXtreme Corporation are mostly in maintaining and upgrading the system and doing research and development to improve old programs or methods. LXC also acts as the staging ground for new projects such as the involvement in Ultravial and Verdana projects.

    - IT Consultant
    Projects involved
    - Verdana World - a company that produces probiotics, LXC's involvement is delivery of marketing system through VIOXYS.
    - Ultravial - a marketing company, another client of LXC through the use of VIOXYS.
    - LoadXtreme System - Enhancement and maintenance
    - SuperDealer - a marketing concept launched by LXC through the use of VIOXYS.
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    Arduino-based projects

    Sophia made a lot of Arduino-based projects some for work and majority as personal project and experimentation, following are some of her notable projects using Arduino.


    Power Line Controller

    Data center are usually left unattended with staff working remotely. Sometimes, trouble arises that will require a person to be physically located at the data center to perform actions such as restarting a server or restarting a modem. Sophia made a prototype of a power controller that can be triggered on and off using software. Click here to read more about this project.


    Arduino controlled Christmas light decor

    The decor was a joint project of Sylpi & Sophia during Christmas of 2008. Click here to read more about this project.


    MIDI DJ Controller

    The MIDI DJ Controller is a device used in controlling a DJ software like Mixxx. This particular device uses arduino as the main controller. Click here to read more about this project.


    Pet House Automation

    The Pet House Automation project was made to automate certain areas of the pet house such as automatically turning on the lights if it is dark, turning on the fan between certain temperature range, and refilling the water bowl when it reach a certain level.


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